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09 Nov 2014 
Suppose if you can, a pleasing trip in the shops on the hot summer's day. This is not a tension crammed, hunger-motivated outing to that local supermarket followed with the bitter discovery how the bastards have put their prices up AGAIN...I said that this was a pleasing trip. You head out into the warm, bright summer time afternoon hunting for milk, some eggs and perhaps a little treat for yourself. You slide your iPod out of your pocket and...and...Wait a moment, the wires all jumbled up.

Hold on.

Gimme a second.




Through the time you have untangled the cables, you are no longer in a nice mood for a ramble, you've abandoned that spur-of-the-instant jaunt to the recreational area you're toying with and you don't need to hear any music at all. In truth, it's too damned hot for any of that. You don't wish for a pleasant, healthful tossed garden salad or Spanish omelette for dinner, you'll just swing by local grease trap on your way home. Likewise, there's bills to pay and housework to accomplish and advice to see together with your partner. Maybe you even cancel the journey to the shops altogether. The milk isn't that lumpy after all and you may make a wonderfully serviceable Spanish omelette from flour, water and spaghetti hoops, right?

Avoiding this sort of thing occouring to you, it's advisable to test guided reflection, counseling, or self help books that can inhibit little such things as a tangled headphone cable sending you spiralling into a profound, shady depression. But, if we can't be troubled with all that New Age hocus pocus, then why not purchase a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones?

Bluetooth in ear headphones don't require a cable, all you need to do is slide the little beauties from the pocket, pop them into your ears and enjoy the ride.

Picture our small sun-dappled scenario again, this time not including the cable fiasco.

Your walk is agreeable and comfy, the hot sun gently caresses your face and here does not appear to be a cloud in the sky. An attractive member of the female smiles at you (no doubt drawn to the magnificent variety of headsets) and everything seems right within the world. Perhaps a tossed garden salad becomes dinner and dancing? Perhaps a quick flutter on the lottery becomes a mansion and a pool house. Who knows?

I'll generously acknowledge that not any of the situations above are actually mostly possible, but, I will also say that using a set of Bluetooth in ear headsets, at least the cables will not get tangled within your pocket and infuriate you on the day by day basis. That has to be worth something, right?

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30 Oct 2014 
The brief answer is no, you possibly can’t. I’m sorry, but that is just the best way it is.

Though, all hope is not lost regardless of this bad news. There are two major avenues you may go down.

The very first is to simply message the photos to yourself and download them to your Kindle. This process works fine if you simply need a few holiday snaps or pictures of the little nephew’s birthday or what, but its not much use for the large amount of photos.

The next method is little more refined. Using a hard disk, it is possible to transfer photos comparatively easily from one device to another, this may allow you to transfer a better quantity of pictures and will likely take much less time.

The best choice, I believe, is likely the second, especially if you seek out the “eye-Fi” SD card, fitting with most up-to-date cameras (although, as always, it is surely best to double check). Sime, of The Digital Photography School site, was obviously impressed. In the review, he said,

“With the Eye-Fi X2 card, I could upload full res photos from my NEX 5 to my iPhone and then do what I wanted with them [Instagram / Facebook / Flickr etc] when you’re using the X2 card, you can connect the camera directly to your iPhone / iPad without having to use a Wifi router etc… You can also use the Eye-Fi app on your phone [iPhone and Android] to upload your images to your computer / Flickr etc. Yep – works, works well”.

He then gave an individual account of that Eye-Fi’s usefulness, that I’ve re-printed here.

“My wife and I went to the zoo with our almost-three year old a couple of weeks back and I had a look through her images afterwards, realising that there were images from her camera dating back to… well, when I gave her the camera! She’s currently using a 32GB SDHC card in there, and just leaves everything on the card! When I asked if she had copied any on to her computer, I was told “That’s too hard / I don’t have time / Where’s the cable” (Yes, a combo of the three, I didn’t press for details…;) So – I cunningly swapped out the existing card for the Eye-Fi card, loaded the app on her Macbook and added it to start when her computer starts, but to hide in the background (This is an option in the application) so basically, the camera connects to her laptop whenever it can and copies the photographs across – they are there, ready to use. Guess who won ‘awesome technical husband of the week award?’ (Obviously a lot of you are tech savvy, but well… )”

Never let it be said I disregard an issue of yours devoid of producing a proposal of my own.

You’ll allow me a quick tangent, there is the line in one of the beloved books of my teenage years ‘Have Nice Day: A Tale of Blood & Sweatsocks’ by Mick Foley (which is the great book about life in general, even when you are not a wrestling fan) where Mick says, “I’d always felt that it was not good enough to shoot something down – It is best to have a solution”. Take that and work with it, people.

We sourced it here
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26 Oct 2014 
Despite appearing like something the crew of that Enterprise may learn on an away mission, the newest canon printer, with Wi-Fi, best-ever image reproduction and incredible scanning features, is made for more than just killing red shirt guys (although I’m sure there’s a operation for that on there someplace).

The canon printer formerly known as PIXMA is the last word in laser printer style. Eye-catching, innovative design (which constantly gets geeks like me salivating) of this calibre when functional to the ease-of-function, efficiency and various features of this new-fangled canon printer is actually something special.

I keep calling it ‘new’ but in fact the canon printer in question may be out a small while, but that is OK, it enables for better word of mouth plus a de-crease in price.

The reason I keep referring to the canon printer as a ‘new’ thing is that it appears like one. With its slender, jet black casing, exciting blue buttons and compact size, the canon printer can not help but look as if it is left here by time travellers.

To add, this unique canon printer has so many more functions than most printers. As an example, are you aware you could print out High definition films, frame-by-frame? That the print time is about double as fast as the ‘old’ printer? That it automatically corrects flaws in the photographs before printing? In case you did not, then perhaps its time to learn.

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21 Jul 2014 
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